Russians resigned to Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine

Dictator Putin
Dictator Putin

Russians have come to terms with Russia's war of aggression and conquest against Ukraine, Bloomberg reported.

The invasion has become part of everyday life for many Russians, defying expectations that the pressure of international sanctions and deepening isolation would ultimately turn them against Putin, Bloomberg writes.

Many people are not protesting but instead, rally around the Russian flag.

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The Kremlin is using the war to reorganize Russia, Bloomberg said.

The regime combines fierce nationalism with a mixture of nostalgia for Soviet times and imperial traditions, as well as repressing dissent.

As a result, Putin does not feel much pressure inside the country to stop hostilities, despite the huge military losses.

This marks a stark contrast to the first months after the February 2022 invasion, when many Russians reacted to what was happening with anger, depression, and shock, said Social Forecasting Group sociologist, Anna Kuleshova, who fled Russia at the beginning of the invasion and is now based in Luxembourg.

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