Russians ‘pretty good manure salesmen’ in their lies about UA’s ties to terror attack — White House

John Kirby
John Kirby

Russian officials seem to be "pretty good manure salesmen", regarding their ever-changing claims about Ukraine’s supposed involvement in the Crocus City Hall terror attack, White House national security spokesperson John Kirby said, DW and The Hill reported.

Kirby called Russian claims about Ukraine's alleged connection with the terrorists utter "nonsense and propaganda."

"My uncle used to say that the best manure salesmen often carry their samples in their mouths,” Kirby told reporters.

“Russian officials seem to be pretty good manure salesmen."

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The ISIS terrorist group bears full responsibility for the attack, he added.

The U.S. publicly warned Russia well before the attack — in writing — that it intelligence suggesting an extremist attack was imminent.

"We provide this information to Russia because the United States takes our duty to warn very seriously and never wants innocent people to die as a result of terrorist attacks," Kirby said.

Shooting in Russian Crocus City Hall: What is Known?

Several terrorists opened fire with automatic weapons on attendees at a concert hall at Crocus City Hall in the Moscow suburb of Krasnogorsk, where the band Piknik was set to perform.

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Russian authorities claim 140 people were killed.

Russia claimed it detained those involved in the shooting and that the FSB had found a "Ukrainian trace" in the incident, alleging that the suspects were heading toward the border with Ukraine, where they supposedly had contacts.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and Presidential Office have categorically denied Russian officials' accusations of Ukraine's involvement in the Crocus City Hall shooting.

ISIS claimed responsibility on March 23, releasing photos of the suspects detained by the Russian FSB earlier. ISIS later released a video shot by the terrorists in Crocus City Hall.

The USA and a number of Western countries warned in advance about a large-scale terrorist attack being prepared in Moscow.

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