Russians forcefully evict residents of occupied Kherson Oblast - NRC

A sign for the town of Hola Prystan
A sign for the town of Hola Prystan

The Russian occupation administration in Kherson Oblast is conducting the forced eviction of residents from the towns of Hola Prystan, Kokhaniv, and Hladkivka in occupied Kherson Oblast, the National Resistance Center (NRC) reported on May 2.

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According to the NRC, the occupation authorities are transporting people in selected buses from schools and enterprises to settlements in the south of Kherson Oblast and Crimea.

The premises where the Ukrainian population is being held is deliberately overcrowded and in unsatisfactory conditions to continue to persuade them to move to Russia and to encourage men to enlist in the military, with subsequent mobilization into the ranks of the enemy army.

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The victims are prohibited from taking any large items with them, only allowing small carry-on luggage.

"In this way, they are vacating houses and apartments to accommodate the Russian military, employees of Russian administrations, and Russians who wish to move to certain settlements," the NRC said.

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The Russians are installing mesh coverings on the R57 highway section from Hola Prystan to Tavriiske. The meshes are fixed on trees and poles along the road.

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