Russian Volunteer Corps push forward along contact line in Belgorod Oblast

Flags of the RVC and the Siberian Battalion in the village of Kozinka
Flags of the RVC and the Siberian Battalion in the village of Kozinka

Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC) mobilized all reserves and are gradually advancing along the entire line of contact in Russia’s Belgorod Oblast, said Alexander Fortuna, the RVC’s head of staff on national television on March 19.

"At present, there is a gradual advance, an offensive is underway," Fortuna said.

"We are employing all our potential and reserves. Currently, we are advancing along the entire line of contact."

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Russian army's losses in this sector are gradually increasing, he said.

"It is difficult to provide a specific analysis at the moment, but as of yesterday, there were over 600 casualties among the active personnel and a significant amount of equipment," Fortuna said.

"More data will be available later, as the battles continue and the numbers increase."

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Fortuna dismissed the figures provided by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who claimed that 1,500 Russian volunteers were killed.

"There are losses, but they are not of the scale claimed by Vladimir Putin and the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation," he said.

RVC fighters are currently facing Russian border guards and motorized infantry, Fortuna said.

"This means that we are achieving one of our goals - to draw the Russian Federation's forces away from the front," he said.

"There are also special units, but their number is small."

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Raid of Russian volunteers in Russia - what is known

On March 12, Russian volunteers from the Freedom of Russia Legion (FRL), Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC), and Siberian Battalion announced a new operation in Belgorod Oblast of the Russian Federation.

The RVC said they advanced tens of kilometers and taken prisoners. The Russian Federation reported casualties among the Russian army.

On March 13, Russian rebels attacked the FSB building in Belgorod. Russian volunteers also claimed to be in control of the village of Tiotkino in Kursk Oblast. Later, they said that the village was in a gray zone.

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On March 14, the FRL claimed to have destroyed two ammunition depots in Tiotkino.

On March 16, it was reported that shopping centers would be closed for several days and schools would be suspended in Belgorod and nearby towns. The Freedom of Russia Legion called its main mission to reach Moscow.

Soldiers of the Siberian Battalion called on Belgorod residents to temporarily leave the city due to the threat of striking Russian military facilities.

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