Russian troops move military assets towards Kherson amid Ukrainian strikes

Russians are transferring equipment from Crimea
Russians are transferring equipment from Crimea

Russians are relocating military equipment from the temporarily occupied settlement of Azovske towards Dzhankoy, Crimea, due to significant losses, Ukraine's partisan movement Atesh reported on Telegram on April 2.

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Russian forces are rerouting the equipment towards the Kherson sector to replenish losses following strikes by Ukrainian drones, according to Attesh.

The Russian army is facing equipment losses, particularly in lightly armored vehicles.

These losses remain only partially replenished due to a shortage of the necessary quantity of combat-ready equipment.

Russian forces in Crimea are urgently moving their military depots due to the Ukrainian Armed Forces' successful strikes on key locations in Crimea, including Sevastopol and Hvardiyske, Atesh reported on March 25. 

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