Russian State Duma's Gurulyov called for a nuclear strike on the Netherlands - video

It seems that Gurulyov never stopped abusing alcohol
It seems that Gurulyov never stopped abusing alcohol

Andrey Gurulyov, former Russia's State Duma general, returned to the air of federal channels, on which he had not appeared since he called for the killing of "internal enemies", or, in other words, 20% Russians - and immediately got into a new scandal.

This time he proposed a nuclear strike on the Netherlands to bring Europe "to its knees."

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"I found out for myself that almost 50-60% of all Europe's hydrocarbon supply is located in Holland," he said, obviously enjoying himself, while blundering this nonsense.

"Can you imagine that Holland? This is the coast. This is called a nice target in the military. Here is a catalog of goals. It exists today. Is it? It is. We perfectly understand how to inflict critically unacceptable damage so that Europe simply falls on its knees. And this is a matter of one day. With minimal consumption of nuclear ammunition. With the minimum," claimed Gurulyov, apparently forgetting in his drunken delirium that not only Russia possesses nuclear weapons.

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