Russian soldier resorts to fuel canisters in bizarre drone defense attempt — video

Darwin Award 'nominee'
Darwin Award 'nominee'

Ukrainian defenders drove a Russian soldier to a desperate act: an attempt to fend off their drone with fuel canisters, captured in footage shared by Ukrainian journalist Yuriy Butusov on Telegram on May 13.

In the video, the Russian soldier, armed only with two plastic canisters filled with some liquid, finds himself in an open area when he suddenly spots an approaching drone.

Realizing he cannot escape, he decides to confront the drone. However, lacking any weaponry, he resorts to using the fuel canisters as improvised tools.

When the drone finally reaches its target, it becomes evident that the containers are not filled with mere water.

"The nominees for the Darwin Award must be feeling the heat as a prime contender for May emerges!" Butusov said.

"Trying to take down a Ukrainian drone with a canister filled with gasoline — now, that's what we call 'Russian ingenuity'!"

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