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Russian rescue tug also damaged in Ukrainian Navy’s attack on Pavel Derzhavin patrol ship

Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation
Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation

The Nikolai Muru rescue tugboat was also damaged in the Ukrainian Navy's Oct. 13 attack on the Russian Black Sea Fleet, which targeted the Pavel Derzhavin patrol ship, the Ukrainian Navy spokesman and 3rd Rank Captain Dmytro Pletenchuk told NV’s sister publication Ukrainska Pravda in an Oct. 14 interview.

The Pavel Derzhavin was hit twice and "realized that it is necessary to get out" of Sevastopol. It is now on its way to Russia.

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There’s no confirmation of damage to the Buyan-M class cruise missile carrier, which was earlier reported to have been targeted as well.

Details of the operation and the means of attack are not being officially disclosed at this time.

How Ukraine Targets Russian Ships in the Black Sea

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An explosion rocked Sevastopol Bay on Oct. 13, likely involving a Buyan-M-class small missile ship, known to carry Russia’s Kalibr missiles, the “Krymsky veter” Telegram channel reported.

Ukraine’s SBU Security Service, in conjunction with the Ukrainian Navy, conducted an operation targeting the Russian Buyan-M class cruise missile carrier and a patrol ship, the Pavel Derzhavin, using experimental maritime drone weaponry, NV sources reported on Oct. 13.

While the Ukrainian Navy confirmed the ship’s damage, they did not provide specific details about the incident.

In a prior incident on Sept. 14, the Ukrainian Defense Forces struck and damaged two patrol ships of the aggressor country, both of the Project 22160 Vasily Bykov type, in the southwestern Black Sea. A missile ship, Samum, was also targeted in this operation, which utilized maritime drones.

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Notably, a day before these incidents, powerful explosions were reported across the occupied Sevastopol. Russia claimed that these were the result of an attack by missiles and “unmanned boats,” acknowledging damage to a ship repair facility and two ships that were allegedly “under repair.”

Ukrainian intelligence asserted that a large landing ship, Minsk, and the submarine Rostov-on-Don were struck and damaged beyond repair.

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