Russian passports, high salaries offered to Cubans for military service

Russian military
Russian military

Russia is recruiting Cuban men who are trying to escape the worsening economic crisis on the island to join its army, promising them high salaries and passports, the BBC reported on May 4.

In a startling revelation supported by leaked documents and various media outlets, Cubans are being offered $2,000 monthly to enlist— a significant sum compared to Cuba's average monthly wage of less than $25.

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The potential of gaining Russian citizenship is also appealing to many Cubans. A Russian passport provides visa-free access to 117 countries, a substantial increase from the 61 destinations available to Cuban passport holders.

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Amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Moscow has simplified the process for foreigners to acquire Russian citizenship after military service. Reports indicate that some Cubans have secured Russian passports just months after enlistment.

Travel between Cuba and Russia is facilitated by their historical alliance dating back to the Cold War, allowing Cubans visa-free entry and direct flights to Moscow, making the recruitment process smoother.

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