Russian officers split over saluting Putin at Moscow V-Day parade

It turns out that the Russian officers do not know their own regulations
It turns out that the Russian officers do not know their own regulations

A viral video from Moscow’s Victory Day Parade on May 9 has exposed confusion among high-ranking Russian officers regarding their own military regulations.

This is evident from a clip of a live broadcast that appeared on social media and sparked a lively discussion among those known as "z-patriots".

The video shows that when the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin greeted the commanders of various branches of the armed forces, some of the military saluted him, while two of them, the deputy head of the Ryazan Airborne Forces School, Sergei Molochnikov, and the head of the Emergency Situations Academy, Viktor Panchenkov, chose not to.

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It ultimately turned out that there was no demonstration on their part, and the whole thing was just about them following the regulations, while the rest of the Russian officers had long forgotten them.

"According to the military regulations, the hand is not put to the headgear while in formation," Panchenkov explained. “The military salute is performed only out of formation.”

Molochnikov said he did not know why the other commanders decided to salute Putin.

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