Russian officers punished over conscripts

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Twelve Russian officers are facing disciplinary proceedings because they allowed conscripts to be sent to the fighting in Ukraine, in violation of Russian policy, according to a military lawyer.

"About 600 conscripts were pulled into the special military operation but all were sent back within a short time," Artur Yegiyev, a military prosecutor for the Russian military's western forces, said in comments to Interfax.

Russia refuses to call its invasion of Ukraine a war, preferring the phrase "special military operation".

People who refer to the three-month-old attack can face penalties.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had promised at the start of the invasion that no conscripts would be sent into Ukraine, only professional soldiers or those who have enlisted for set periods.

But as the invasion unfolded and Russian forces met a series of setbacks, it became clear that not all the fighters sent to Ukraine were professionals.

There were accounts of soldiers saying they did not realise they were in Ukraine or who had been told they were merely participating in exercises.

Once it became clear that conscripts were indeed in Ukraine, Putin ordered the return of all of them.

Yegiyev said on Tuesday that the 12 officers in question are now facing the consequences of that action.

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