Russian occupiers allowed to vote in staged ‘elections’ without physical presence and documents - HUR

A polling station in Russia
A polling station in Russia

Russian Defense Ministry let Russian soldiers vote in the presidential “elections” that began on March 15, without a physical presence at the polling stations, therefore allowing the so-called “dead souls” to be involved in voting and will facilitate falsifying “elections” results, Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR) reported on March 15.

(The term ‘dead souls’ derives from Nikolai Gogol’s novel, means people who were dead already but due to some reasons they were accounted in property registers in XIX century; nowadays it is a metaphor used to describe elections falsifications method when the ‘votes’ of non-existent people are taken into account to ensure the victory of a candidate).

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It is noted that in order to confirm the identity of the Russian occupiers, it is enough to present a photocopy of a passport or a military ID. This will increase the number of voters in the Russian Federation, adding to their number those who have recently died, disappeared or were captured.

“Given that Ukrainian defenders inflict numerous losses on the Ukrainian territory to the Russian invaders every day, the number of those who will “support” Putin in this way may turn out to be quite significant,” HUR said.

“Fictitious Russia’s President election is not aimed at legitimizing Putin’s ruling.”

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The presidential “elections” in Russia are scheduled for March 17, 2024, following a resolution passed by the Federation Council on Dec. 7. Russian dictator Vladimir Putin announced his participation in these so-called “elections” late last year.

It was later revealed that the occupiers plan to conduct “elections” in the temporarily captured territories over three days — March 15, 16, and 17.

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry said that voting in the occupied territories of Ukraine would be “illegal, and null and void.”

The European Parliament announced on March 14 that it would not send observers to the upcoming so-called presidential elections in Russia from March 15 to 17.

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The heads of parliamentary foreign affairs committees from 23 countries, also on March 14, dismissed the legitimacy of the so-called Russian presidential elections on the occupied territories and condemned their organization.

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