Russian Defense Ministry claims 12 drones intercepted during UAV attack against five Russian oblasts

Drone (illustrative photo)
Drone (illustrative photo)

Five Russian oblasts allegedly came under drone attack overnight on May 2, with 12 drones reportedly "shot down” by Russian air defenses, the Russian Defense Ministry wrote on Telegram.

They were apparently "eliminated" over the following oblasts:

  • Five drones - over Bryansk Oblast

  • One – over Kursk Oblast

  • One – over Belgorod Oblast

  • Two – over Rostov Oblast

  • Three - over Krasnodar Krai.

The Russian MoD blamed Ukraine for the attack.

Russia claimed that there were no casualties or damage as a result of the attack, with emergency services operating at the impact sites, Bryansk governor, Aleksandr Bogomaz said.

Power lines were damaged in the village of Ponyry, causing a blackout in the settlement, Kursk Oblast Governor Roman Starovoyt reported. Local services are trying to restore electricity there.

The village of Elizavetovka in Glushkov district, the Krupets checkpoint and the village of Kozyno in the Rilsky district were shelled, he added. The explosion damaged a fence in one of the houses in Kozyno, according to him.

One of the drones also damaged a private car in the village of Tyotkino.

Two cars and a fence of a house were damaged in the village of Krasne in Shebekinsky district, the Belgorod Oblast governor added.

"No casualties or damage caused to objects were recorded," the Rostov governor said.

There is no information regarding the aftermath of a drone attack in Krasnodar Krai. Explosions could be heard there near the village of Afipskiy, where an oil refinery is located, the Russian Telegram channel Shot claimed. The drones were allegedly heading for the oil refinery, but were shot down by air defense, and fell several kilometers away from it.

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