Russian deadly Kharkiv strike reminds: Ukraine urgently needs Patriot systems — Ukrainian FM

Russian strike on Kharkiv May 23, 2024
Russian strike on Kharkiv May 23, 2024

Russia's strike on Kharkiv and Lyubotyn, Kharkiv Oblast, must remind everyone around the world that Ukraine still urgently needs seven Patriot systems, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on X on May 23.

"We are very grateful to Germany for announcing one additional system," Kuleba said.

"But getting six more as soon as possible remains critical not only for Ukraine’s survival but for peace in Europe."

Everyone should clearly realize what is at stake and each day of delay and debate not only costs lives but also brings the possibility of a larger war in Europe closer, he said.

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Russian dictator Vladimir Putin will expand his aggression further and claim more lives if it is not stopped in Ukraine now, Kuleba said.

"No naming and shaming, but I once again urge countries that have 'Patriots' to speed up decisions and provide these systems to Ukraine," he said.

"I believe that seven 'Patriot' systems are not a high price to pay for long-term peace in Europe. But they are needed now, not tomorrow. Unfortunately, mere words of solidarity do not intercept Russian missiles."

Russian strikes on Kharkiv and oblast on May 23

Russia launched a devastating missile attack on Kharkiv and the cities of Zolochiv and Lyubotyn in the Kharkiv Oblast, killing seven people and injuring several more.

At least 15 strikes have been reported.

Seven people killed in Kharkiv were employees of a printing house, presumably Vivat. They were at their workplaces at the time of attack.

Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov reported that the Russian forces aimed at the city’s transport infrastructure and a municipal unit vital for the city's life support systems.

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