Russian blogger sentenced to 5.5 years in prison for discussing Bucha atrocities

Anna Bazhutova
Anna Bazhutova

A Russian court has sentenced video blogger Anna Bazhutova to five years and six months in a penal colony for sharing accounts of Bucha (Kyiv Oblast) residents about Russian occupation in early 2022 on social media.

The verdict was reported by independent Russian outlet Mediazona on June 5.

According to the journalists, Bazhutova was accused of spreading “false narratives” about the war in Ukraine. Since Aug. 18, 2023, she has been held in pre-trial detention. In 2023, a video from Bazhutova's live stream appeared on a Russian Telegram channel, where she described crimes committed by Russian troops during the occupation of Kyiv Oblast in February-March 2022.

During her stream, Bazhutova shared the story of a Ukrainian girl who was raped for a week by a Russian soldier. When she refused to go to Russia with him, the man killed her mother.

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In court, Bazhutova's defense argued that she had no connection to the posts in question and that she had deleted the recording of the live broadcast from her Twitch account.

During one of the court sessions, Bazhutova explained that during the stream, she spoke out against the killings and torture in Bucha because she was in a "severe emotional state" due to new medication.

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