In Russian Belgorod, children were denied from taking cover during missile threat - Video

Children tried to hide in one of the houses
Children tried to hide in one of the houses

Residents of one of the high-rise buildings in Belgorod did not allow children who were trying to hide during a air raid alert to enter the building, reported ChTD Telegram channel on June 4.

As it turned out, despite cases of missile fragments falling on the city, intercepted by Russian air defense on approach to military and strategic facilities, the “deeply human Russian people” have not abandoned their long tradition of leaving their fellow citizens in trouble, even when it comes to their own children.

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“Children were playing in the yard on Shalandina Street when the alarm sounded," shows us posted footage.

"The boys wanted to run to hide in the building, but elderly woman in the house denied them from entry. She advised them to run and find another shelter. The adults did not even stand up for the children."

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