Russian attacks on Kharkiv aim to force Ukraine into peace talks

Firefighters at the site of an office building damaged by a Russian airstrike on May 25, 2024
Firefighters at the site of an office building damaged by a Russian airstrike on May 25, 2024

Russia’s relentless attacks on Kharkiv is an attempt to bring Kyiv to the negotiating table and freeze the war, the director of Ukraine’s Center for Countering Disinformation Andriy Kovalenko stated on his Telegram on May 26.

He characterized the enemy's tactics as deliberate genocide, aimed at annihilating the Ukrainian populace and seizing their lands. "The strikes on Kharkiv indicate that they will not stop unless Ukraine sits down at the negotiating table, which would allow Russia to freeze the war, accumulate forces for a new war at the right time, and occupy more of our territories," Kovalenko explained.

"We must understand this and not deceive ourselves. The instruments of terror are part of this plan. Counteraction involves a mirror response and a sufficient number of weapons," he added.

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On May 25, an explosion rocked Kharkiv, later identified as an attack targeting the Epicenter in a residential area. The blast struck two fire trucks and sparked a fire that engulfed 15,000 square meters.

Officials estimate that as many as 200 people could have been inside the Epicenter when the attack occurred.

Subsequently, the Russians executed another assault on the city, this time striking Central Park.

The attack on the Epicenter shopping mall resulted in 14 fatalities, with ten of the victims still unidentified. Additionally, 43 people were injured.

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