Russian Air Force's 'accidental terror' campaign on Russian civilians continues; 87 bomb drops since Feb.

Belgorod Oblast
Belgorod Oblast

The Russian Air Force continues to subject Russian civilians to friendly fire after dropping another three aerial bombs on Belgorod Oblast on June 6 and 8, Russia's Astra Telegram channel said.

The Russians have now dropped 87 aerial bombs on their territory and the occupied territories of Ukraine in just the last four months, Astra said.

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Two aerial bombs were "independently dropped" from Russian planes at the same time on June 6, with one falling 2 km from the village of Batracka Dacha, while the other landed 2 km from the village of Polyana in the Shebekin city district.

The Russian Air Force lost the third bomb on June 8. when a FAB-1500 fell 800 meters from the village of Novotroivka. The bomb missed the Ukrainian border by 30 km, Astra said.

As is traditional, the Russians claimed there were no casualties in any of the three incidents.

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