Russia to start fresh wave of forced conscription in occupied Luhansk Oblast

Russian occupiers
Russian occupiers

Russian occupation authorities in the seized Luhansk Oblast have issued a “decree” heralding a fresh wave of forced conscription among the region’s residents, scheduled to extend from April through July, Luhansk regional governor Artem Lysohor reported on Telegram on March 30.

The spring conscription wave in the so-called "LPR" kicked off with the enlistment of men born between 1994 and 2006, Lysohor said.

Individuals who turned 18 either in the current or previous year will be "quickly found," as Russian authorities have been gathering their personal information for the past two years, including through educational institutions, thus their whereabouts are now known.

The "Internal Affairs Ministry" of the so-called "LPR" has been instructed to take all necessary actions to locate citizens who fail to report to military enlistment offices and forcibly "deliver" them there.

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Russian occupiers are planning to escalate conscription measures in the temporarily held territories of Luhansk Oblast, Lysohor said earlier.

Before the heightened forced conscription efforts, Russians would assess the number of men they could draft without conducting searches, and those not listed would have their deferments revoked, he said.

Ukrainian intelligence has reported that in the temporarily occupied territories, Russians are conscripting farmers and minors. Virtually all men aged 18 to 65 are at risk of forced conscription, and often even teenagers aged 16 and 17, the available information suggests.

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