Russia to spend $15 million in effort to discredit Ukrainian military intelligence in new propaganda campaign

Russia is preparing an PSYOP against the military intelligence of Ukraine
Russia is preparing an PSYOP against the military intelligence of Ukraine

Russian special services will spend $15 million on a new information and psychological operation (PSYOP) to discredit Ukrainian intelligence, Ukraine's HUR Military Intelligence reported on Telegram on June 7.

Russian agents have already received instructions to distribute relevant materials in Ukrainian and Western media, HUR said.

These will include articles and "films" designed to reveal information about HUR employees involved in combat in special units of Ukraine's Defense Forces.

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The new PSYOP is designed to discredit the country's military leadership, in particular, as well as Ukraine's special forces. The operation also aims to block the work of departments involved in combat missions, and to increase public tension in Ukraine.

More about Russian PSYOPs

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A new round of Russian PSYOPs is expected alongside the new offensive in Ukraine's northeast, HUR reported on May 10. The Russians could use mass events for dispursing false information and provocations.

Russia will not only target Ukraine's military but also its civilian population.

Russia is preparing a new PSYOP for July 2024 using the crash of the Il-76 military transport plane in Belgorod Oblast, HUR said on May 23.

Russia plans to intensify PSYOPs aimed at spreading information about the alleged opening of a second front in Belarus, the Center for Combating Disinformation warned.

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