Russia seriously damages three thermal power plants in latest war crime attack on civilian energy

Rocket (illustrative photo)
Rocket (illustrative photo)

Russia attacked three DTEK thermal power plants (TPPs) during a massive attack on the energy system overnight on March 29, inflicting serious damage to the equipment at the sites, DTEK press center reported.

Energy workers began to mitigate the damages immediately after the attack, DTEK said.

Preliminary reports indicate that one DTEK electrician was injured.

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Russia has attacked DTEK power plants more than 160 times since the full-scale war began.

Massive Russian attack on the power system on March 29 — What is Known?

An air raid alert was announced across much of Ukraine overnight on March 29 due to another mass Russian missile and drone attack.

Drones were recorded in Western Ukraine, with explosions heard in Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk oblasts. The Air Force warned about launching missiles from the Tu-95MS aircrafts. Lviv local authorities reported on Kinzhal missiles approaching Lviv Oblast.

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Poland scrambled its aircraft due to Russian Kinzhal missiles in Western Ukraine, the Polish Armed Forces reported.

Ukrenergo reported damage to TPPs and HPPs (hydro power plants) in central and western oblasts. Russia attacked facilities in Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, and Cherkasy oblasts, Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko reported.

Several energy facilities were damaged as Russia attacked Dnipropetrovsk Oblast’s critical infrastructure, its Regional Military Administration (RMA) reported. A total of 24 missiles and drones were shot down by Air Defense over oblast, Dnipropetrovsk RMA head, Serhiy Lysak, said.

Five people were injured in the attack, including a five-year-old girl near Kamianske, where a country homes cooperative was gutted.

Russia also attacked Chernivtsi Oblast. Air Defense Forces shot down enemy missiles over the oblast overnight.

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