Russia outproduces West in artillery shells, raising challenges for Ukraine

155-mm artillery shells at a plant in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA
155-mm artillery shells at a plant in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

Russia is producing artillery shells about three times faster and at a quarter of the cost compared to Ukraine's Western allies, according to a report by Sky News on May 26.

Moscow plans to produce or refurbish 4.5 million rounds of ammunition by the end of this year. In contrast, the United States and European countries are expected to produce only 1.3 million shells combined.

The cost of producing a 155-mm shell, commonly used by NATO countries, is approximately $4,000 per unit. In comparison, the cost to produce a Russian 152-mm shell is only about $1,000 per unit.

This significant disparity in production capability and cost is a considerable challenge for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which rely heavily on ammunition supplies from the United States and Europe. Ukrainian soldiers report a firing ratio at the frontlines of about one to five shells compared to Russian forces.

Despite the superior economic power of Kyiv's allies and their plans to ramp up production, they still trail significantly behind Russia in artillery shell production capacity.

Many experts highlight the critical role of weapons and ammunition production, suggesting that the outcome of the war may ultimately hinge on the production lines of factories rather than the battlefields, Sky News reported.

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