Russia now seeking ‘political deal’ on Ukraine while keeping occupied regions, says FM Lavrov


Moscow is allegedly ready for a "political and diplomatic" end to its war against Ukraine, but only with the occupied territories in mind, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said during a speech in the State Duma on Feb. 14, according to Russian media.

"Given the current position of the West, there are no options to reach an agreement on the issue of Ukraine," he said.

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Reuters earlier wrote that Vladimir Putin had offered to "freeze" the war in Ukraine through intermediaries, but the United States refused to negotiate.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Ukraine must return all its territories and would not accept territorial concessions to Russia.

Russian media previously reported that former Fox News host Tucker Carlson stated after his recent interview with the dictator that Putin had told him off the record that he was ready for a “significant compromise” on Ukraine.

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The Center for Strategic Communication and Information Security in Kyiv denied this statement and called it another "dump." The flow of allegedly "peaceful proposals" by the Kremlin indicates that they cannot completely seize these territories, so they offer to "give them away".

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Bloomberg reported on Jan. 25 that Putin continues to test the United States to see if it is willing to engage in negotiations to end Russia's war in Ukraine. According to the agency's sources, Putin may be willing to consider giving up his insistence on Ukraine's neutral status and even abandoning his opposition to possible NATO membership, the threat of which was Russia's main justification for the invasion.

The New York Times reported on Dec. 23 that despite Putin's recent statements that his goals in the war against Ukraine have not changed, he is signaling through backroom diplomacy that he is ready to make a deal.

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