Russia launches unprecedented drone attack on Ukraine to mark Holodomor Memorial, Zelenskyy livid

Consequences of the Russian drone attack on Kyiv on the night of November 25
Consequences of the Russian drone attack on Kyiv on the night of November 25

Ukrainian air defense forces successfully intercepted and neutralized over 60 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) launched by Russian forces targeting Kyiv on Nov. 25.

This marks the most substantial drone assault on the capital since the conflict’s onset nearly two years ago.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy condemned Russia's drone attack on Ukraine on the Holodomor-genocide Memorial Day, saying Russia’s actions were deliberately designed to desecrate the memory of the dead.

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"Over 70 Shaheds on the night of the Holodomor-genocide Memorial Day. Deliberate terror. Right at this time. Russia's leadership takes pride in its killing skills," he wrote on his Telegram.

"We continue to work to unite the world in defense against Russian terror. A terrorist state must lose and be held accountable for its actions," added the president.

Russia launched a total of 75 Iranian Shahed drones across Ukraine, with 71 successfully intercepted by the air defense systems, said the Air Force.

The attack, the fourth on the capital this month, lasted for more than six hours, the Kyiv City Military Administration confirmed.

Russian forces used kamikaze drones, continuously altering their courses during the prolonged assault. Initial reports indicated nearly 50 hits, later revised to over 60.

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There were damages in four capital’s districts:

  • Solomianskyi: Severe damage to a five-story building, trapping two women. Fire erupted in a nearby kindergarten. Two casualties reported with acute stress reactions.

  • Dniprovskyi: Drone debris struck a residential building, prompting emergency responses.

  • Pecherskyi: Fragments fell on an undeveloped area, causing no injuries.

  • Holosiivskyi: Fragments landed in a green zone with no reported casualties. A four-story building was also hit, reported Mayor Vitalii Klitschko.

The Energy Ministry reported a power outage affecting 77 buildings and 120 facilities in Kyiv. Efforts to restore the power supply are underway.

Damage to 330 kV power lines in Kyiv Oblast during the attack is being investigated as the cause of the disruption.

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