Russia’s Kemerovo governor alerts residents to stop funding Ukrainian forces - Video

Sergey Tsiviliev
Sergey Tsiviliev

Residents of Russia’s Kemerovo Oblast in southwestern Siberia have donated millions of rubles to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the regional governor Sergey Tsiviliev claimed in his April 24 Telegram video appeal.

Tsiviliev claims that millions of rubles have inadvertently gone to fund Ukrainian military efforts due to what he describes as "attacks by Ukrainian special services."

Since the beginning of 2024, “fraudsters” have allegedly “forced millions of rubles to be transferred to accounts that finance drones and weapons for the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” he said.

These actions are essentially “financing the enemy,” and called for the dissemination of information to people who may be “vulnerable” to such “attacks,” especially factory workers and pensioners.

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