Russia’s goal is to destroy strategic infrastructure and damage air defense system – Air Force

Consequences of the Russian attack on Kharkiv
Consequences of the Russian attack on Kharkiv

Russian aim is to obliterate Ukrainian strategic and critical infrastructure at any cost and damage the country's air defense system, Ukrainian Air Force, spokesman Ilya Yevlash said on April 30.

"The main goal is to destroy our strategic and critical infrastructure at any cost and penetrate the air defense dome, which exists in various cities across Ukraine," he said during a TV interview.

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Russians are resorting to all weaponry available, including sophisticated ones like the Kinzhal missile, to inflict damage and achieve their objectives of crippling energy assets.

"We see that they won't halt until they either completely destroy it or we halt them at the stage they are already in," Yevlash noted.

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The enemy had deployed only one guided Kh-59 missile overnight on April 30, he said.

"Unfortunately, it targeted civilian and energy infrastructure facilities, as usual," Yevlash added.

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