Russia funds anti-Ukraine propaganda in Latin America — US State Department


Moscow is funding a well-paid disinformation campaign in Latin America aimed at weakening international support for Ukraine, U.S. State Department said in a press release on Nov. 7.

The Kremlin plans to utilize media in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay, as well as in other Latin American countries, to conduct a “disinformation campaign.” Thereby, Russia seeks to undermine support for Ukraine while promoting anti-Western narratives.

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“The Kremlin’s ultimate goal appears to be to launder its propaganda and disinformation through local media in a way that feels organic to Latin American audiences to undermine support for Ukraine and propagate anti-U.S. and anti-NATO sentiment,” the statement said.

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“Russia’s influence actors have adapted their efforts to increasingly hide their hand, laundering their preferred messaging through a vast ecosystem of Russian proxy websites, individuals, and organizations that appear to be independent news sources.”

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According to U.S. intelligence, Russia creates original stories or amplifies existing popular or divisive discourse through a network of state media, proxy servers, and social media accounts, and then boosts this content for further dissemination into the Western information environment.

“These activities can include disseminating false content and amplifying information perceived as beneficial to Russian influence efforts or conspiracy theories,” the press release adds.

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