Russia cancels Victory Day parades in several regions

The authorities of Russian regions offer to celebrate Victory Day online
The authorities of Russian regions offer to celebrate Victory Day online

Local Russian authorities in several regions have opted out of hosting traditional Victory Day parades on May 9, the Russian news outlet Meduza reported on April 18, referencing announcements from Russian administration heads on social media.

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Kursk Oblast Governor Roman Starovoit proposed conducting commemorative events “online” or “displaying portraits of relatives who fought in the war on buildings and car windows.”

The cancellation of parades was also endorsed in Pskov and Ryazan oblasts.

In Bryansk Oblast, where Russian insurgents engage in sabotage and raids against Vladimir Putin’s dictatorial regime, no celebrations are planned either.

Concerts and “patriotic events” in the Oblast will also be conducted exclusively online.

A parallel situation unfolds in Belgorod Oblast, where the Russian Armed Forces employ the region as a base for shelling Ukrainian territories, prompting frequent retaliatory strikes.

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“Organizing outdoor events, which are customary for people, will likely be difficult,” said Belgorod Deputy Governor Tatiana Kireeva.

“But there are quite a few ways to honor our defenders that don’t involve street processions.”

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