Russia cancels Immortal Regiment processions, British intel suggests propaganda concerns

Procession of Immortal Regiment in Maikop, Russia, May 9, 2016
Procession of Immortal Regiment in Maikop, Russia, May 9, 2016

Russian authorities canceled Immortal Regiment march on May 9 due to fear of a drone attack and public discontent over the war against Ukraine, British intelligence reported on X on April 28.

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Intelligence officials noted that Russians instead proposed to place portraits of veterans on cars and in public places from May 1 to May 11.

May 9 parades were canceled in five oblasts of Russia, namely Bryansk, Pskov, Belgorod, Ryazan and Kursk. They are claiming that this was done for security reasons.

British intelligence explained that all of these oblasts are located in western Russia, so they are vulnerable to strikes by Ukrainian drones.

British Ministry of Defense said that for the second year in a row, the Immortal Regiment march has been canceled and Victory Day parades have been curtailed for the second year in a row. This year's Victory Day is preceded by inauguration of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin on May 7.

“Russian reaction could also be influenced by possible protests and expressions of dissatisfaction about war against Ukraine,” British intelligence added.

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Earlier it was reported that Moscow canceled Immortal Regiment march on May 9, claiming that the event will be held in “online” format.

Immortal Regiment is a propaganda event held in Russia on May 9 (when Russia celebrates Victory Day, Russian equivalent for May 8 in Europe and USA ). During this march, relatives of Russians who died in World War II carry their portraits in hands.

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