Rural town breaks coronavirus lockdown rules in protest

Residents of Victoria’s West Gippsland region have been filmed protesting the state’s lockdown measures.

Rally organiser Topher Field, a self-described libertarian and organiser of the protest, was filmed speaking about having to adhere to self-isolation laws on Anzac Day at Trafalgar.

“Who would have thought in our own free country we would have to risk fines in order to gather and honour Anzac Day?” he said.

Some protestors were filmed carrying signs, which read “every job is essential”, “small business is dead” and “end the lockdown”.

Protestors in West Gippsland calling for an end to the lockdown.
Trafalgar residents call for an end to lockdown. Source: Facebook/ Topher Field

A number of ex-service men and women were in attendance.

Victoria Police told Yahoo News Australia about 60 people went.

“No infringements were issued at the time, however, investigations continue and police will be issuing fines to the organisers,” the spokesperson said.

“There is no excuse for deliberately flouting the restrictions of the Chief Health Officer – they need to be treated with the utmost seriousness and we cannot afford for people to be selfish.

“If a person is in breach of the Chief Health Officer’s directives police can issue an infringement notice of $1652.

“For the most part, people are complying with these restrictions and we want to ensure this continues.”

Victorian Deputy Chief Health Officer Dr Annaliese Van Diemen told reporters on Sunday crowds seen over the weekend at a number of public parks in the state had her concerned.

“I would reiterate to people that this is not over,” she said.

Queensland’s already announced measures to reduce the lockdown and open the state up.

But Victoria’s government has said it won’t be following what Queensland is doing just yet.

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