Runaway deer killed in suburban Sydney


Investigators are trying to work out how a lone deer found itself on an inner Sydney road in peak hour traffic.

Police say the stag was killed when it was hit by a BMW while crossing Old South Head Road in Woollahra, a posh residential neighbourhood in the city's inner east, about 6.50pm on Friday.

The deer died at the scene, located only a few hundred metres from the busy shopping hub of Bondi Junction.

The driver who hit him stopped immediately and was cleared in a breath test, according to police.

Christopher Zinn, cycling home on Friday evening, arrived at the crash site within moments of the accident.

"It was still alive at that stage - but its breathing was laboured and it was obviously in shock. It didn't look like it was long for this world," he told AAP.

"The question is, where did it come from?"

It is a question investigators were yet to answer late on Friday.

"Police from Eastern Suburbs Local Area Command are continuing their inquiries to identify where the deer came from," NSW Police said in a statement.