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If You Run Out Of Worcestershire Sauce, Just Break Out The Red Wine

Red wine poured into a pot of stew
Red wine poured into a pot of stew - Fermate/Getty Images

While everyone seems to have their own way of saying it, Worcestershire sauce is commonly used in restaurants and home kitchens around the world. It's got that perfect bit of "something" that adds the right amount of sweet, sour, and umami to your meal -- provided you don't go overboard with it. And it's been around for a long time: Its origins trace back to Worcester, England during the 19th century when Lea and Perrins put its ingredients together for a customer who never returned. A few years later, a store worker found the sauce and boldly decided to give it a taste. While its original ingredients had fermented, it somehow developed a new delicious flavor.

Much like the customer at Lea and Perrins, you may also forget all about your Worcestershire sauce. And when you're in the middle of a recipe that calls for it, you realize -- "Oh no, I'm all out of Worcestershire!" Panic sets in, you begin to double-check all the cabinets, you wipe away the sweat, and then, a tear. Sadly, there are only a few drops left and it just won't do. However, there is a solution to this debacle. When you're all out of Worcestershire sauce, one of the best substitutes is red wine.

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Red Wine Is The Perfect Substitute For Worcestershire Sauce

Beef stroganoff in crockpot
Beef stroganoff in crockpot - Nataly Hanin/Getty Images

Red wine is great for sipping and socializing, relaxing, or using for a toast on a special occasion. When cooking a meal, it can also be the perfect ingredient. And when you're all out of Worcestershire sauce, red wine is actually a great option, especially for slow-cooked meals. When you're making a meal like beef stroganoff, you can easily replace the Worcestershire with some red wine and have it tasting just as delicious as you intended. Just make sure you use double the amount of wine as you would Worcestershire sauce in any recipe. This will give it more flavor, a bit more acidity, and a special hint of sweetness -- kind of like that sweet, sour, and umami taste Worcestershire sauce is known for.

Using red wine has some added benefits because it contains some very nutritious ingredients that can increase your vitamin intake. Grapes are used in red wine, and this fruit contains lots of vitamins, as well as resveratrol, which can help reduce inflammation and boost your mood.

Slow-Cooked Meals You Can Enjoy With Your Worcestershire Replacement

A bowl of chili
A bowl of chili - Foodio/Shutterstock

There are many delicious slow-cooker meals you can try making with your new Worcestershire substitute. If you've got guests coming for a celebration, party meatballs made in a crockpot are an easy and delicious meal your guests will enjoy. Just replace the Worcestershire with red wine and savor the aroma throughout the house before your company arrives.

Shepherd's pie is a filling and flavorsome slow-cooked meal that requires some Worcestershire sauce. Just swap red wine into the mix with your meat and veggies then let it simmer with all those juicy flavors.

The best slow-cooker chili requires you to slow-cook everything in the crockpot. Along with beef, beans, veggies, and spices, Worcestershire sauce is another ingredient that's usually included. Once you've realized you're out of Worcestershire sauce, grab that bottle of wine and add it to the pot. While there are other substitutes for Worcestershire sauce, you can always count on red wine to take its place and result in a dish that tastes amazing.

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