Rules for Queensland when 80pct vaccinated

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Hospitals, aged and disability care providers and prisons:

* Fully vaccinated people will be free to visit.

* Unvaccinated can only visit for childbirth, end of life or emergency situations.

Venues and events where social-distancing, capacity or density limits be scrapped:

* Pubs, pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants and cafes

* Live music venues, cinemas, theatres or stadiums

* Sports stadiums and theme parks

* Folk, art and music festivals

* Galleries, museums or libraries

* Fully vaccinated weddings

Venues and businesses where social-distancing, capacity or density limits will continue to apply:

* Essential and non-essential retail outlets

* Businesses such as gyms or pools

* Public transport:

What is the Queensland government definition of "fully vaccinated"?

* Any person who has had two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. There's no requirement to wait two weeks for full efficacy.

How do people show their vaccination status before entering Queensland venues?

* The Queensland government will upgrade its check-app to allow people to load vaccine certificates on November 19.

* Patrons and customers will check-in with QR codes as usual.

(Source: Queensland government)

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