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Rudy Giuliani Manages to Find a New Lawyer to Fight RICO Case

Andrew Kelly/Reuters
Andrew Kelly/Reuters

Rudy Giuliani has found a new attorney to defend him in Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ sprawling racketeering case related to Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election. Allyn Stockton, who works at Stockton & Stockton in Clayton, Georgia, filed a notice of appearance on Wednesday. Giuliani has battled financial issues in recent months and was sued last month by former longtime lawyer Robert Costello for allegedly stiffing him $1.4 million in fees. Georgia-based attorneys David Wolfe and Brian Tevis also ditched him, leaving Giuliani without local legal representation in his case until now. While four of Trump’s co-defendants have pleaded guilty to lesser charges, Giuliani has denied all charges against him. Stockton and a spokesperson for Giuliani did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s requests for comment Wednesday.

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