Rudy Giuliani makes wild claims about FBI raid in interview with Tucker Carlson

Rudy Giuliani appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight Thursday for a bizarre first television interview since his home and office were raided by the FBI early Wednesday morning. Giuliani is suspected of violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act in connection with his dealings in Ukraine. Investigators seized electronic devices, but, according to Giuliani, not every electronic device. Giuliani has long claimed to have hard drives belonging to President Biden’s son, Hunter, which he says contain incriminating evidence. Giuliani claims to have offered the devices to the federal agents, but says they refused.

Giuliani also attacked the Department of Justice, claiming that the investigators are the ones committing crimes. But investigators had been trying for some time to get these same warrants, but were blocked by senior Trump appointees at the DOJ. The fact is that warrants such as these require investigators to convince a judge that a crime has been committed and that obtaining the electronic devices will provide further proof.