RSPCA worker's 'moment of panic' ends with heartwarming find

The instinctual panic of seeing a note tucked on the windscreen took a swift turn for the better this week for a RSPCA employee.

A kind handwritten letter of appreciation had been attached to one of the organisation’s branded Queensland vehicles.

“Thank you for everything you and the RSPCA does, you make the world a better place,” it read.

Evidence of the pleasant discovery was shared to RSPCA Queensland’s Facebook page on Wednesday and has since attracted the attention of thousands.

From a distance, the note on the RSPCA Queensland car was similar in appearance to a parking ticket. Source: Facebook/RSPCA Queensland

“A team member was in a moment of panic after seeing a telltale white slip of paper sticking out under her windshield wiper,” the post read.

“A few steps closer and it became clear that she hadn't been ticketed in an RSPCA vehicle, it was quite the opposite.”

“Someone had gone to the effort of writing a beautiful thank you note – drawing included. Thank you, anonymous stranger. You had us all smiling from ear to ear with this one.”

Many people joined in celebrating the work the organisation does for animals in need.

The sentiment of the heartwarming letter was shared by thousands after it was shared online. Source: Facebook/RSPCA Queensland

“It is 20 years since I adopted my cat from RSPCA and we are still going strong. Thank you for all you do for both the animals and those of us who adopt them,” one person wrote.

“A small gesture like this is worth so much. Priceless – just like the people who work/volunteer with the RSPCA,” another said.

A small drawing of a cat also featured at the bottom of the page.

“Very well deserved and how lovely that the note writer took the time to... express their appreciation,” a third person wrote.

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