RSPCA identifies man in disturbing animal abuse video

WARNING: DISTRESSING CONTENT. The RSPCA said it has identified the man in the shocking video of a dog being punched in a daylight attack on a Queensland street.

The disturbing footage shows the man beckon the dog towards him, before punching it over a dozen times in North Mackay on February 13.

The RSPCA called for the public’s help to identify the man in the footage and have since confirmed he has been found after a warrant was executed at a property.

RSPCA Queensland spokesperson Michael Beattie said they could not confirm whether the man was the dog’s owner.

“Can’t say yet as it just got a little more complicated, but the dog was living with the offender,” he said.

The man appears to lure the dog towards him before the attack. Source: RSPCA QLD

The dog was seized from the property and is undergoing veterinary examination in the care of the RSPCA.

On Wednesday, Mr Beattie said the incident is particularly disturbing due to its length.

“It’s just obviously really disturbing. Unfortunately it is a prolonged attack on the dog,” he said.

The man repeatedly strikes the dog, appearing to connect with its stomach and head. Source: RSPCA QLD

“He’s punching the dog for close to a minute.”

The man is expected to be charged on Thursday afternoon.