Roxy Jacenko slammed for 'moronic' Ozempic overdose

The Aussie star took four times the recommended dose in a bid to lose weight.

Roxy Jacenko has revealed she suffered from a terrifying overdose scare when she injected too much Ozempic in a desperate bid to lose weight.

The former Sweaty Betty owner and PR influencer took one milligram of Ozempic, which is four times the amount prescribed by a doctor.

Ozempic should be used as a diabetic treatment but has been making headlines recently with many celebrities reportedly using it to aid rapid weight loss.

Roxy has opened up about her ordeal, saying she thought she was 'going to die'.

Roxy Jacenko pictured by a pool
Roxy Jacenko said she was scared she was 'going to die' after Ozempic overdose. Photo:

"I thought I was actually going to die. I have had cancer, radiation therapy, all of that. It doesn't even compare to how bad I felt when I took this drug,' she said in an interview with The Saturday Telegraph.


The Aussie star revealed she suffered from severe vomiting and non-stop shaking, resulting in her staying in a drug overdose clinic for three days.

Roxy admitted to taking the drug to lose the weight she had gained from taking a hormone therapy which is used to treat breast cancer. She underwent surgery for breast cancer in 2016.

The influencer said she "begged" her doctor to write her an Ozempic prescription, but when he refused, she paid someone $2500 to drive to Nowra to get her the drug.

“The only one I could get was a 1-milligram pen. So basically you start on 0.25 and after a number of weeks or months you can transition yourself onto a higher dosage," she explained.

“I took the 1ml because it was it was all I could get. I was like a proper junkie.”

Roxy Jacenko suffered an Ozempic overdose.
Roxy Jacenko is warning others about using Ozempic for weight loss. Photo:

Roxy slammed online for Ozempic overdose

After sharing her story, Roxy has been slammed on social media by people outraged at her actions, especially those suffering from diabetes who need the medication for their livelihood, with one person calling her action 'moronic'.

"When I had no access to this medication, my blood sugar went out of control (despite supplementing heavily with other diabetes meds) and my life has been shortened. Please tell my kids why mummy’s not going to be around for as long because people wanted to TEMPORARILY lose weight. Please LEAVE Ozempic FOR THE DIABETICS," one person commented.

"I’m sorry, but you're are a fool if you think it’s the drugs' fault for taking four doses in one go and then complaining about side effects," another said.

"People using it for weight loss is creating a shortage for those with diabetes who need it," one person pointed out.

Why Roxy spoke out

Roxy said she decided to speak out about her ordeal with Ozempic as a warning and lesson to others.

"Why am I speaking about this? Because if there is one thing about me, I own it. And if this is a lesson to anyone who is trying to get it, then great. It is not worth the ramifications. This is the dumbest thing you could do," she said.

“I was willing to do this to myself. It is embarrassing. I look at it now and I just think it is pathetic.”

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