Roxy Jacenko denies 'altercation' with father and his fiancé in the street

PR queen Roxy Jacenko has denied claims she was involved in a Sydney street altercation with her estranged father and his wife earlier this year.

A NSW Police spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo7 officers are investigating an incident that occurred at Moncur St, Woollahra, on May 14.

Roxy Jacenko walked out of Big Mama’s restaurant at 6pm with family members before the alleged incident. Photo: Supplied

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Nick Jacenko and his fashion designer girlfriend, Lisa Ho, claim Ms Jacenko verbally harassed them on the corner of a street and allegedly knocked the glasses from her father's face, the Daily Telegraph reported.

It is alleged the incident happened three days into the trial of Ms ­Jacenko’s husband Oliver Curtis, who was later found guilty of insider trading.

The Sweaty Betty PR owner has denied the allegations and says they are inaccurate and defamatory.

"I can only attribute such comments to a sad quest for public notoriety by my father Nick Jacenko & Lisa Ho," she told Mail Online.

Roxy and her mum, Doreen Davis. Source: Instagram
Nick Jacenko pictured with Roxy's daughter Pixie on a swing set. Photo: Instagram

It is believed Ms Jacenko walked out of Big Mama’s restaurant at 6pm with family members, including her mother Doreen Davis and husband, Mr Curtis.

Mr Jacenko, 66, told The Daily Telegraph that he and Ms Ho were at a nearby pizza restaurant when they saw his daughter leave the restaurant.

He claims she confronted him in the lane between Big Mama’s and Pizza Moncur.

Roxy Jacenko and her husband Oliver Curtis on day one of the trial. Photo: AAP

Ms Jacenko's husband allegedly told Ms Ho and Mr Jacenko to "keep walking”, but Ms Ho said they 'couldn't move'.

“I asked Ollie to tell Roxy to let go of my scarf so we could move on. I told him ‘I can’t move - she has hold of my scarf’," Ms Ho told the newspaper.

The couple allege Ms Jacenko then grabbed her father by his T-shirt, hurled abuse at him and repeatedly screamed, "you should be ashamed of yourself".

Ms Jacenko walked out of Big Mama’s restaurant at 6pm with family members, including her mother Doreen Davis. Source: Instagram

Ms Ho told the newspaper that Ms Jacenko allegedly struck her with a closed fist multiple times to the neck and head before she lashed out and knocked the glasses off her father's face.

A NSW police spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo7 that they are investigating an altercation that took place in Woolharra.

“Police from Rose Bay LAC were called to Moncur St, near Queen St, Woollahra about 7pm on Saturday May 14, 2016, in relation to reports of an altercation,” the spokesman said.

"A number of statements were taken," the spokesperson said in a statement.

"Witnesses to the incident are urged to contact police."

Roxy Jacenko with husband Oliver Curtis during his court hearing.

Ms Jacenko has had a challenging past year and this alleged family feud isn't the first one Ms Jacenko has been involved in.

In 2008, it was widely reported that Ms Jacenko's sister, Ruby Davis, punched her sister in the nose while clubbing in Sydney's Kings Cross and police took out an Apprehended Violence Order taken out against Ms Jacenko's younger sibling.

In June this year, her investment banker husband and father of her two children was sentenced to two-years jail in the NSW Supreme Court.

Only three weeks after her husband was convicted of insider trading, Ms Jacenko revealed she discovered a lump in her left breast and said she would undergo treatment for cancer.

Yahoo7 has attempted to contact Ms Jacenko for comment.