Roxy Jacenko cops backlash for daughter's extravagant 'demands'

The PR professional shared 11-year-old Pixie's Mecca shopping list.

Roxy Jacenko has been slammed after sharing her daughter Pixie’s list of shopping demands from beauty retailer Mecca. The 11-year-old requested 10 items which included a $53 fragrance and multiple Drunk Elephant products.

“New year, new list — kids game,” the mum-of-two captioned the snap on Instagram. Pixie’s list was labelled “Mecca needs”, with the list decorated with flowers, hearts and polka dots.

R: Pixie Curtis and Roxy Jacenko take a selfie. R: Pixie Curtis poses with a vase of flowers
Roxy Jacenko has come under fire for her unusual parenting style. Photo: Instagram/roxyjacenko

The child entrepreneur asked for products such as the Drunk Elephant Wild Marula Tangle Spray ($37), a Sol De Janeiro fragrance ($53), two mini Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream moisturisers ($30 each) plus 'a good brand' of conditioner and shampoo.

This comes after the PR queen shared her daughter’s Christmas list with “expensive” and “mid-cheap gifts”, totalling over $10,000.


Pixie’s new skincare list was riddled with spelling mistakes, and Roxy was slated on social media for being a ‘bad parent’.

L: Pixie Curtis' shopping list from Mecca. R: Pixie Curtis on her 11th birthday with presents, balloons and flowers
People were astounded by Pixie's list of 'demands' from Mecca. Photo: Instagram/roxyjacenko

“She is 11 years old and goes to and private school in the East. It’s a worry if she still can’t spell,” one follower pointed out.

“Need to unfollow there is too much bad parenting on this profile,” another added.

“Maybe you should work on her spelling instead of her list of demands,” a third fired out.

“She is 11 years old and cannot spell correctly. Jacenko should be concentrating on her daughter’s education not the rubbish she wants, otherwise she will do poorly in high school. The next thing she will want is to change the colour [of] her bright red hair,” another remarked.


Some fans leapt to the influencer’s defence, saying that it was important to start a skin regime early in life.

“Good girl looking after your skin from an early age is important,” a fan wrote.

“For all the haters, get life. You’re a complete disgrace. And to say you’re all mothers picking on a letter written by an 11-year-old and comparing her to your oh-so-perfect children just blows my mind,” another agreed.

“Who cares if she can’t spell, the girl is pretty well set up for life, I don’t think she needs to worry about not getting a job because her spelling isn’t up to scratch. She has bigger things on her mind,” a third chimed in.

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