Mum dies after routine cyst removal procedure

The family of a mother-of-two who died during a routine procedure is suing the medical centre and claiming the doctors were “careless and negligent”.

Rosemary Abreu, the 27-year-old mother of two daughters, had a cyst drained from her thigh on September 20 at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Centre in the Bronx, NYC, where she went in to cardiac arrest while on the operating table. Then she slipped into a coma and died the next day, according to WABC.

According to the lawsuit, in addition to suffering a cardiac arrest and slipping into a coma, Ms Abreu “was caused to be rendered sick, sore, lame and disabled”, Fox 5 reports.

Rosemary Abreu, pictured with her two daughters, died after she went into cardiac arrest and slipped into a coma while undergoing routine surgery. Source: WABC.

The lawsuit also claims the medical centre failed to properly administer anaesthesia and said doctors were “careless and negligent in, among other things failing to properly diagnose and treat”.

“This was a terrible tragedy that never should have occurred. To go into a hospital to have a simple cyst removed and not come out alive is tragic and unacceptable,” the lawyer representing the family, Sanford Rubenstein said to Fox 5.

"They killed my daughter. They killed her. I don't know why. I don't know what happened to my daughter," Ms Abreu’s mother, Dorah Restituyo told WABC.

The family is suing the hospital and the NYC Health and Hospitals for $US50 million.

Rosemary Abreu's family is suing the hospital for $50 million, following her death after a routine surgery. Source: WABC.

According to the New York Daily News, a funeral was held for the 27-year-old mother two weeks ago.

The news outlet also reported that after Ms Abreu had slipped into a coma, the hospital told her family they weren’t sure why.

“We met with the main doctor and two nurses and asked ‘why is my sister in that coma?’ and they said ‘We really don’t know the answer.’ They kept saying they didn’t have no answer," Ms Abreu’s brother Michael Abreu told the New York Daily News.

The family said Ms Abreu did not have any preexisting health problems.

Ms Abreu had two daughters - Katelyn, 9, and Luna, 2, and worked for the New York City education department.

“I feel sad, I miss her a lot,” Katelyn told the New York Daily News.

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