Ron Medich faces sentence hearing

By Margaret Scheikowski
The Crown wants Ron Medich (right) jailed for life for contracting the murder of a business enemy

Sydney millionaire Ron Medich is due to face a sentence hearing after being found guilty of directing the 2009 contract murder of a hated business enemy and intimidating his widow.

The 70-year-old property tycoon was found guilty in April at his retrial of murdering his former business partner Michael McGurk and subsequently intimidating Kimberley McGurk in 2010.

The NSW Supreme Court jury accepted the evidence of his former confidant, Lucky Gattellari, who said Medich masterminded and financed the shooting of the 45-year-old wheeler and dealer.

He was gunned down outside his Sydney home in September 2009 after he and Medich had become embroiled in ongoing and protracted legal battles involving millions of dollars.

Prosecutor Sharon Harris previously said she expects four or five victim impact statements will be read out at Medich's sentence hearing before Justice Geoffrey Bellew on Thursday.

On Tuesday, the State Parole Authority upheld its decision to refuse to release Gattellari on parole due to outstanding charges related to an alleged plot to extort millions of dollars from Medich in return for changing his evidence.

The star crown witness at Medich's trial was eligible for parole in April, after serving his minimum term of seven years and six months for organising Mr McGurk's murder.

He received a 60 per cent discount for his guilty plea and for helping authorities.