Roman Kemp has tough message for dad Martin Kemp

The TV presenter told the EastEnders star he is going to put him in a retirement home.

Pictured: Martin Kemp & Roman Kemp
Roman Kemp told dad Martin Kemp he is putting him in a home. (Channel4 )

Roman Kemp has told father Martin Kemp he is putting him in a retirement home.

The One Show presenter and his dad - star of EastEnders and Spandau Ballet - returned on the new series of Celebrity Gogglebox. And as they watched a documentary about the world’s most luxurious retirement homes, Roman bluntly issued his father with the news that he is planning to check him into a care home as he gets older.

Martin Kemp and Roman Kemp attend ITV Palooza! at The Royal Festival Hall on November 23, 2021 in London, England. (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)
Martin Kemp and Roman Kemp star together on Celebrity Gogglebox. (Getty Images)

TV and radio presenter Roman, 31, and actor Martin, 62, appeared together on the Channel 4 reality show about people watching TV. One of the shows featured was new Channel 5 documentary The World’s Most Luxurious Retirement Homes, which visited luxurious residence The Palace in Miami.

Roman told Martin: "I am 100 per cent putting you in a home." Martin looked shocked, asking: "What?!" Roman told him: "You don't do anything for yourself now." Martin retorted: "That's not true."

Roman told Martin: "Dad if mum goes, you're in a home."

Martin and his wife - 62-year-old 80s popstar Shirlie Holliman - have two children, 34-year-old daughter Harley and 31-year-old son Roman. Roman and Martin have been on Celebrity Gogglebox since 2019.

Roman recently revealed he pressured dad Martin into getting his first tattoo. Roman revealed on The One Show he had always wanted his father to have a tattoo, and when he was just 10-year-old he managed to convince him to get one. He said: "My dad was more unlucky. He didn't have any tattoos and when I was about 10 he's a sucker for peer pressure and I peer pressured him into getting his very first tattoo.

"You can imagine what a 10-year-old boy wanted. It was for your dad to get a tattoo of a dagger, going through a Ying Yang with wings on it. Look how awful that is. He's still got it. He got what a 10-year-old boy would want. Sorry dad."

Pictured: Johnny Vaughan & Denise van Outen
Johnny Vaughan is Denise van Outen's new buddy on Celebrity Gogglebox. (Channel 4)

Johnny Vaughan joined Denise van Outen on her sofa. The EastEnders star has been on the show since 2019, previously with her ex-finance Eddie Boxshall and her friend Blue star Duncan James.

Her former Big Breakfast co-presenter joined her for the first time, but told her he was unimpressed with he home. Vaughn said: "I've been to your other places and I just never thought we'd end up in a shack in Essex." Van Outen told him: "I'm keeping it real John." Vaughn replied: "I know you're keeping it real but I just thought you'd done better than this."

Celebrity Gogglebox next airs on Friday 21 June on Channel 4.