Three terrifying home invasions in Vic

By Melissa Meehan

A man has been stabbed, a couple forced to hide in a bathroom and family members confronted in their living room during three terrifying home invasions in Victoria.

Police believe two of the incidents in Melbourne are linked.

In the third incident a 30-year-old man was stabbed in the neck and hands when another man broke into his California Gully home about 10.30pm on Tuesday.

The intruder then stole the man's black Jeep Cherokee and was later arrested.

Two other cars, including a special edition Holden, were stolen from homes in Essendon and Airport West, where large rocks were used to smash into homes.

Four family members woke after hearing a disturbance to find three males standing in their Essendon living room.

After making demands, the intruders were thrown keys to a Holden and a Jeep - but took only the Holden.

In the other Melbourne attack, a man named John and his wife locked themselves in an ensuite after hearing a rock smash through their Airport West window.

"I shouted out, 'Who's there'? "Someone yelled back, 'Don't f***ing move'," John told 3AW.

The couple left the ensuite only once police arrived, by which time the intruder or intruders had stolen the couple's grey Volkswagen, a purse and valuable watches.

Detective Senior Constable Chris Hussey said Tuesday's night events were concerning.

"I couldn't imagine being in the situation these people have been through overnight," he told 3AW on Wednesday.

Opposition spokesman John Pesutto said the government needed to recognise there was a law-and-order crisis in Victoria.

"We have gangs, Apex gangs, other gangs, criminals who are more brazen than any type of criminal we have seen before," Mr Pesutto told reporters on Wednesday.

Premier Daniel Andrews described the incidents as nasty and said Victorians should be in no doubt that police had the resources to bring the offenders to justice.