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Rockingham licence tests ‘not easier’

The Department of Transport has refuted claims driving tests in Rockingham are easier than in other outlying Perth areas.

Rockingham has the fourth highest pass rates for learner drivers in the metropolitan area, at 57.76 per cent.

Spearwood P-plate driver Andrew Murray passed his driving test on the second attempt at Rockingham Licensing Centre after failing his first test in Willagee.

Mr Murray believes he passed because he was more cautious on the road as he was driving in an area unknown to him.

However, Cannington driver Kara Jayne recalled her test in Rockingham was different to the one she sat in Joondalup.

‘‘I think at Rockingham it was easier, my test was heaps shorter,’’ she said.

A Department of Transport spokesman said the same test standards were applied across all licensing centres in Australia.

‘‘There is a 55 per cent pass rate across Australia, all licensing centres follow a strict auditing process,’’ he said.

‘‘The main reason learner drivers fail their test is lack of practice, the best advice I can give to learner drivers is practise, practise, practise.’’

The spokesman said pass rates varied in locations for a number of reasons, including language restrictions and elderly drivers resitting their tests.

Safety Bay student Jasmine Dower earned her P-plates on Monday morning at the Rockingham test centre.

She said she was nervous as she attempted to complete the test, but was excited to begin driving on her own.

Ms Dower said the six-month learning period, which encompasses 25 hours behind the wheel in varying road conditions, made her a better driver.