Robots replace workers amid labour shortage

From a construction site surveying robot, to one that scans library bookshelves and another that rolls around and zaps mosquitoes – many companies in Singapore have been using robotics to fill up jobs amid a labour crunch in the city-state.

Video transcript

- Many companies in Singapore have been using robots to fill up jobs amid a labor crunch in the city-state. At a construction site robot dog, Spot, built by Boston Dynamics surveys the site. The robot is able to run a scan that checks the progress of construction and then feed that report back to a control room. Over at the National Library in Singapore, Ebot rolls along scanning the shelves for misplaced books. It is one of two such shelf reading robots that is able to scan 100,000 items, or about 30% of the library's entire collection, per day every day. This hotel uses a pest control robot that can detect and eliminate mosquitoes. Singapore has one of the highest robot densities in the workplace according to the 2021 World Robot statistics report by the International Federation of Robotics. The nation has 605 robots installed per 10,000 employees in the manufacturing industry. Second highest after South Korea at 932.

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