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The robotic vacuum cleaners that will change how you clean your house

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Woman in blue leggings sits on a pastel L-shaped lounge and puts her bare feet up while a robotic vacuum cleaner is at work on a parquet floor.
Put your feet up and let a robotic vacuum cleaner do the hard work. Photo: Getty Images

A robotic vacuum cleaner is a huge time saver.

Cleaning your floor with minimal help from you, they find their way around with sensors and cameras.

They are usually smart enough to avoid stairs and should be small enough to vacuum under low furniture. does not recommend cordless robots as a complete replacement for a regular vacuum cleaner, but they work well for in-between cleans - and a once-over if you're out of the house.

They work well on hard floors, but can be hit-and-miss with carpet.

Here's a round-up of some of the best buys:

Roborock S5 Max, $999

This picks up an impressive amount of dust, debris and fluff, and reviews say it has excellent suction.

It cleans hard floors and carpet with precision and has a removable HEPA filter, so it's easy to dust and clean.

It also works well when there's pet hair on the floor, and the wheels don't get clogged.

It's been hailed as being extremely accurate too, so no part of the room is left uncleaned.

The white circular Roborock S5 Max automatic vacuum cleaner for $999.
The Roborock S5 Max sells for $999 and is a pet-hair buster. Photo: Roborock

Roomba 606 Robot Vacuum, $499

Winner of the Canstar Blue Satisfied Customer award, the Roomba 606 is one of the more affordable options on the market.

It combines vacuum suction with an edge-sweeping brush to make closer contact with the floor and wall edges.

It auto-adjusts the cleaning head for different surfaces - including carpets and tiles.

Sensors detect dirt and when it's about to run out of charge, it automatically takes itself to the base to re-charge.

The black circular Roomba 606 Robot Vacuum sits on a light-coloured floor below a white table and yellow chair.
The Roomba 606 Robot Vacuum sells for $499 and takes itself to the charging station as needed. Photo: Roomba


Coredy R750-W Robot Vacuum Cleaner, $319.99

Recommended by Amazon, this cleaner can link to Alexa and Google Assistant so you can control it with your voice.

It has an intelligent wet-dry mopping system with an electronic water pump to control flow without spilling, and vacuums on different surfaces.

It has Smart Protection Cleaning - magnetic boundary strips form a vacuuming zone to clean chosen areas.


The white circular Coredy R750-W Robot Vacuum Cleaner pictured with a mobile phone and attachments.
The Coredy R750-W Robot Vacuum Cleaner sells for $319.99 and be controlled with your voice. Photo: Amazon

Dreame D9 Robot Vacuum, $599

This is an Aerospace Standard product that uses lasers to calculate its optimal direction.

It powers up automatically when it senses carpets and has an anti-bacterial mop cloth that eliminates 99.9 per cent of bacteria.

It runs for 150 minutes on one charge - a lot by robotic vacuum standards.

The white circular Dreame D9 Robot Vacuum pictured with a phone and attachments.
The Dreame D9 Robot Vacuum sells for $599 and runs for 150 minutes on one charge. Photo: Dreame

Hoover Performer Plus, $199

This very reasonably priced model runs for 45 minutes on one charge.

It has a HEPA filter and three cleaning modes, including auto, turbo and a targeted mode for when you want to vacuum a specific area.

It's good for small apartments and includes a remote control so you can steer and turn it on and off.

The white, circular Hoover Performer Plus has grey trims and red buttons.
The reasonably priced Hoover Performer Plus sells for $199. Photo: Amazon

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