Gangland widow Roberta Williams charged with kidnapping

Firebrand gangland widow Roberta Williams has been reprimanded by a Melbourne magistrate as she faced court on charges of kidnapping and making threats to kill.

The 50-year-old faces multiple and serious criminal allegations linked to her plans for a reality TV show about her life.

The former wife of convicted killer Carl Williams, who was murdered in prison in 2010, was granted bail on Wednesday after her arrest earlier in the day during a series of raids across suburban Melbourne.

During subsequent police questioning Williams threw chairs around the interview room, Detective Senior Constable Lisa Hollingsworth told the court.

Williams yelled from the dock she had been tormented by detectives about Carl's killing.

Magistrate Robert Kumar threatened to stop proceedings unless Williams was quiet.

The court was told Williams and three men had threatened to kill Ryan Naumenko, who had been involved the production of her TV show.

They allegedly beat, tied up and threatened to kill Mr Naumenko at Collingwood on July 9.

He had been invited to a party only to be told “righto Ryan, you’re f***ed. It’s all over now,” police alleged.

“Roberta wants money otherwise you’re f***ed.”

Mr Naumenko was punched, kicked and tied up with a power cord, Det Snr Const Hollingsworth told the court.

Williams allegedly screamed “kill the c*** ... he is no use to us anymore”.

She also allegedly said she’d tell police Mr Naumenko raped her daughter, and that she’d had the police and media paid off.

Roberta Williams is seen leaving the Supreme Court in Melbourne in July last year. Source: AAP

Mr Naumenko was made to contact his family members to transfer money, Det Snr Const Hollingsworth told the court.

“We know your address in Mildura ... we know what school your children go to,” were among the threats made to Mr Naumenko.

Williams is charged with 10 offences including deprivation of liberty, false imprisonment, making threats to kill and recklessly and intentionally causing serious injury.

She is also charged with stealing Mr Naumenko’s wallet and bank cards.

Williams' barrister Theo Alexander said the allegations were untrue.

“I’m going to suggest to you that this is just fabricated rubbish,” he told the court.

Mr Naumenko told the Nine network that Williams "bashed the living sh** out of me".

"She attacked me because she wanted money, because she wanted the rights to her show," he said.

Despite police fears that Williams posed an unacceptable risk to Mr Naumenko and could try and flee the county, she was granted bail.

Magistrate Robert Kumar noted Williams has an eight-year-old autistic son who requires around-the-clock care, so agreed to release her from custody with strict conditions.

She must adhere to a curfew and cannot associate with her co-accused or contact witnesses.

Williams must report daily to police and provide a $10,000 surety.

Two men arrested during Wednesday's raids face similar charges to Williams and a third, aged 27, continues to be questioned.

Last month, a 36-year-old Princess Hill man was charged with the same offences over the same alleged assault.

He is due back in court on October 8, along with Williams.

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