Robert Irwin shocks fans with surprising confession: 'First time ever'

Robert's followers were 'truly shocked' by his admission.

Robert Irwin left his social media followers baffled after revealing that he’s never tried drinking coffee before.

Taking to Instagram on Saturday, the 19-year-old shared a hilarious video of himself preparing and drinking a latte for the very first time.

Robert Irwin drinking coffee for the first time.
Robert Irwin admitted that he’d never tried coffee before. Photos: Instagram/robertirwinphotography

“Taking the morning shift at the Crikey Cafe at @australiazoo,” he captioned the post. “Get your coffee order ready next time you visit, it might not be right, but I’ll try my best.”

The clip features Robert wearing his traditional khaki uniform as he struggles to grind the coffee beans, set up the machine and froth the milk.

“To give you some context, I’ve never had a coffee before,” he said. “I’m not even kidding, this is my first time ever having a coffee, and I’ve made it.”


After attempting to do some fancy latte art in the foam, Robert had his first sip of coffee on camera.

“I love it,” he said while looking extremely unimpressed.

'Truly shocked'

Robert’s fans quickly took to the comments on his video to share their surprised reactions to the fact he never drinks coffee.

“I can’t espresso how shocked I am that you have never tried coffee before. I’m a +6 shot a day kind of person,” one person wrote.

“When you said you had never had a coffee before I was truly shocked,” another added, while a third replied, “So what you’re saying is that you’re naturally this chirpy? Without caffeine? Couldn’t be me”.


“Robert never having a coffee before and being his chipper awake self just goes to show how much he’s like his old man!” someone else shared.

Robert’s late father Steve Irwin was famously asked during an interview on Rove Live in 2002 whether he drinks coffee.

“No no, heck no. Mate, top of me head would blow off,” he replied. “I tried it once, it was 10 years ago, I haven’t recovered yet!”

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