Robert Irwin freaks out TV stars with deadly animals

Rebekah Scanlan
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Robert Irwin has freaked out two mega US stars with a series of deadly animals — and the result is absolutely hilarious.

The late Steve Irwin’s mini-me made his funniest appearance to date on Tonight With Jimmy Fallon, when he appeared alongside comedian Kevin Hart, and some of his favourite animal friends.

While both funny men were noticeably uncomfortable when 14-year-old Rob started bringing various animals on stage to demonstrate the work he does as a ‘wildlife warrior’, Kevin absolutely lost it.

As Rob came out with a fluffy baby ostrich in his arms, Kevin bolted to the side of the set screeching.

Robert Irwin left Jimmy Fallon and comedian Kevin Hart absolutely terrified when he brought out some exotic animals to the stage. Source: Getty

Jimmy and Rob tried to coax him back, but he was having none of it, stating, “You can kiss my a*s, ostrich”.


Rob then decided to bring out two snakes, named Lebron and Elvis, much to Kevin’s horror.

“Put it back! What is that noise?!” he screamed.

Despite both Jimmy and Rob’s pleas to come on stage and hold one of the snakes, the comic stood firm in his refusal to mess with the wildlife.

While Jimmy was able to cope, Kevin completely lost his cool and had to run off stage. Bless! Source: Getty

“Let me tell you what I’ve gotten really good at in my life: saying no,” he said, as the audience tried to egg him on by chanting, “Do it! Do it!”

But the fear of one of the slithery creatures biting him was too great. “Well… they can bite, but they won’t,” Rob told him.

“You lost me at, ‘Well’,” he shot back, walking further away.

Eventually Kevin, 39, was lured back on stage to hold a seemingly innocent falcon, but the terrified expression on his face said it all.

Eventually he was coaxed back on stage to hold a harmless falcon, but his terrified face says it all. Source: Getty

Even Jimmy, who was celebrating his birthday on the episode, had a momentary meltdown when holding a tarantula, after Robert jokingly told him they’re spooked by “human breath”.

“That was the scariest thing I’ve ever done,” Jimmy revealed once the spider has been safely removed from his hand.  

On Instagram, Hart described it as “the funniest thing that I have ever been a part of”, But it definitely didn’t look like he was having a good time in the clip.

Rob is a regular on the show and is set to star in new reality series Crikey! It’s the Irwins on the Animal Planet channel along with older sister Bindi and mum Terri.

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